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Poggie Jim (Left)

Poggie John (Right)

King Salmon

12 to 18 lbs

Poggie Johns boat

August 2013


We were very lucky that day! After playing it for about 45 minutes, Dick McDonald hit in a well placed harpoon and we saw blood in the water before it made a dive. About 10 minutes later we had it alongside again. Then I managed to get a flying gaff into it. With both of us pulling, we managed to slide it over the gunnel. I was dead and didn't move. We have heard stories of broken arms and legs and damaged boats.  My boat is a 16 ft  Arima. 

Ray Federick

Halibut Derby Winner 2009

Weight 224 lbs, 78 in.

Poggie Ray Frederick (right)

Poggie Dick McDonald (left)                     


Island Lake

Chinook (king)

This page is for prior year photos

Any Fish Species, First Fish or just those "NICE FISH"  

photos from those good old days when it just good to be out on the water.

So Poggies dust off those photos.

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Kitsap Lake


Poggie Randy's Son

Puyallup River
First Pink Salmon

Poggie Jim

King Salmon

24 lbs
Sitka, Alaska



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