The Kitsap Poggie Club has assisted the Suquamish Tribe for many years in their hatchery operations. The volunteers provide the added manpower needed to process the returning Chinook (King), Coho (Silver) and Chum salmon in numbers ranging from 400-1200 fish per processing day.  The volunteers assist the tribal members in netting, egging, counting, measuring and identifying every fish in this terminal fishery.  This insures the continuation of added salmon brood stock for tribal, commercial and recreational needs.

  Local Universities get involved with this process to do various studies relating to these fish. 

Poggie Hank is assisting a tribal member at the counting station. The yellow wand in her hand will "BEEP" if a hatchery fish tag is located.

After the fish are processed they are distributed to the Tribe and the Kitsap community.


The hatchery tagged fish get species identified, measured for size, the tagging area removed and bagged for later analysis by the hatchery.  

Grover Creek Hatchery

The fish processing continues with sorting of various salmon species, separating out the males for the milt, females for the eggs. Then they continue up for counting.

Netting the Grover Creek Hatchery pond

The Fish Counting Station