This page is for those local area trips the Kitsap Poggie Club puts on Annually. Fishing Trips to the Coast or Columbia River area.

Kitsap Poggie Club - Ilwaco Trip
June 2007- Sturgeon Fishing

Ray (Left)   &   Tom (Right)

We have reservations for a bottom fishing trip on September 9, 2017 at Pacific Salmon Charters in Ilwaco, Washington.  The cost is $125 plus tax. We will be fishing in Oregon waters, but an Oregon license is not necessary, due to an agreement between the two states. "Must have a Washington license". The Oregon limit is seven bottom fish plus two ling cod. April for our first 2017 trip  we limited on bottom fish and lings. If you want to go please call the  Pacific Salmon Charters office at 1-800-831-2695. I usually stay at the COL-PACIFIC 360-642-3177 but you can ask the charter office about other choices. Be sure to say your with the POGGIE club. We have made reservations for a 10 man boat, but can get a bigger boat if more members want to go. Poggie friends can also go along. Fish cleaning and vacuum packing are available at an additional cost.

Ray Frederick

Fish Head Soup Anybody?

This was a Poggie trip out of Ilwaco, WA in 2005.  We were off Seaside Oregon, when we started hooking salmon.  The problem was a large sea lion was grabbing our fish.  The skipper moved the boat about a mile and the sea lion followed.  In the photo, longtime Poggies Tom Dortom and Ray Frederick both hooked up at about the same time.  The results were one Chinook head and one Coho head.  I do not remember if we marked our salmon tags or not.


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Ilwaco Bottom Fishing Trip

​September 9, 2017