Raceway Clean-up

Date: April 15 - Saturday
Location: Gorst
Time: 8 am to 12pm

The raceway grounds need the grass cut, blackberries cut back and a general clean-up to make the area safe for the public.

Tools Required:

Lawn tool - Grass cutters,  Leaf blower & 1 lawn mower

Lawn Tools require safety equipment - safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection.

The raceway need the dirt and grass removed.

White water pipe need to be cut and stored next to building.

Tools Required:

Step ladder


Shovels - flat and curved


Rope railing hangers installed outside center of posts.

(Hank - POC).

Tools Required:

Tape measures

Screw guns

Point of contact: Norm Reinhardt 871-4216

The larger Divider Screen Work has begins to take shape.

- Thank you -

  Poggies Hank and Ray for your hard work!

For those who are just visiting our website, you can join "The Poggie Club" for $20 at any Event/Activity or the monthly club meeting. Due to Insurance requirements you must be a Paid Up Member to volunteer.

Kids Fishing Party

Date: April 22 - Saturday
Location: Gorst

Time: 8am to 1pm is open for Public


Time: 1pm to 3pm is Fishing for the Blind.  

Point of contact: Norm Reinhardt 871-4216

Divider Screens

New Dividers

Tent Setup/ Fish-in the Raceways

Date: April 20 - Thursday
Location: Gorst
Time: 8 am to 12pm

The tent setup starts about 8am and usually around 10am the fish truck shows up. Finish up around noon.

Tools Required:

The Poggie trailer


Fishing nets (4 to 6) with small mesh

Hammer & wedges

Point of contact: Norm Reinhardt 871-4216

Kids Fishing Party


Volunteers can sign up when the clip board is sent around during the General Meeting or Call the Point of Contact listed below:

Raceway Divider Screen Repair

This work needs to be done before the week of the event. The raceway was changed to support continued hatchery operation.

(Gorst Creek Hatchery Working Party - Competed Oct 2016)

The 4 divider screens (Photos below) are too short for the width of raceway after the metal center posts were removed.  The screens need to be remade or modified. The screens subdivide the raceways into 6 parts so the fish do not school up on one end during the Kids Fishing Party. Some 2x4 lumber and new screen material needed. Looking for someone to take this to completion.

Poggie Volunteer

This page is to inform Poggie Club Members of what needs are required for up coming Community Events or Club Activities

Volunteers should check the Monthly News Letter First, then the Calendar that is updated from various monthly meetings. This will reflect what is coming up to the end of the year. Finally each Event/Activity coordinator will be providing any additional information by a call, direct email or this page to inform the volunteer what is needed.

Raceways as of April 9th