If you have Poggies fishing photos sent them to email listed above, please include a little write-up with each photo or series of photos. Who, What, Where, When and How & Type of fish ect.... This helps us in placing photos and also not playing phone or email tag.

Not all photos automatically make the website, Some are of poor resolution, some have a persons face or fish is in a shadow. Photo of unwanted things happening in the background. Some are just hard to see whats happening in the photo "to far away".

Kitsap Poggie Club Facebook will work for photo upload also. We pull photos of interest from there to the website.

If you have any ideas on what you think would better represent the clubs fishing interests currently or document the past interests send us a email.


‚ÄčTo Protect, Propagate, and Increase the Fish Population, and the Right to Fish

Kitsap Poggie Club

Part of a 4 King one Coho Day on the water.

Poggies Troy, Ty & Norm.