The original Poggie Club was started in Seattle in 1932, when a few guys from Ballard were fishing with gear that onlookers said would only catch poggies - a term used to describe small bait fish.

So they started a club and called it the Seattle Poggie Club. Over the years the Poggie Clubs grew to more than  20  chapters statewide.   There are 3 clubs remaining. (Seattle, Tacoma, Kitsap)

What's a Poggie?

What is a Poggie?

Ray Frederick
December 7, 2016

When I first joined our club, I ask what is a poggie? The answer I got was, when you walk out on a dock and look down, you see a lot of tiny fish, those are poggies. A number of years later, I was visiting my daughter in Collvile in north eastern Washington. We stayed at a motel called Bennies Panarama. He was a world angler and had his mounted trophies on the wall of his huge lobby. That is when I spotted his mounted POGGIE and took this picture of it. There are no real poggies on the Pacific Coast as far as I know.  Ray

A poggie is the fish at the bottom of the fish food chain, also known as the Menhaden.

Poggie fish photo inside "Poggy Trailer"