C.A.S.T For Kids June 16th

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  34 New Members as of 10/01/17

Poggies at work. December 13 this crew worked very hard to prepare the Gorst raceways to provide a healthy life for the 2019 Chinook Fry crop. These are the Chinook that will provide sport fishing in our area for the 2022 season..

Poggies, the prep-work for the 2017 Kids' Fishing Party has started with repair to over 200 fishing poles 

‚ÄčTo Protect, Propagate, and Increase the Fish Population, and the Right to Fish

Sponsoring a Youth to Conversation Camp.


 A new members 53lb catch not on Derby Day


Poggie Troy and a couple of Kings caught 8/13.

Kitsap Poggie Club



Poggie Art 

  "We are going to need some more BOBBERS!