The raceways are cleaned and sectioned off for the event.

On April 10, 2017 - The Poggie volunteers take time to repair over 200 hundred fishing poles used for the Kids Fishing Party.

Opening Day of trout season, the Kitsap Poggie Club holds the Kids Fishing Party at Jarstad Park in Gorst. The club provides all the fishing gear, bait and snacks. This is the club's biggest event of the year and is free to the public.

Weeks before the Event, many Poggie volunteers assist the Suquamish Tribe in relocating hatchery salmon that are currently growing in the raceways.

The salmon are netted into the suction of a pumper truck, weighted in bulk to get an accurate fish count per pound of trucking weight. These fish are transported to hatchery pens in the local Puget Sound area. The fish will be cared for until they are released into the wild.

A few days before the event, a state hatchery truck delivers the trout. The volunteers separate the fish into different raceway sections so there is equal portions of fish numbers, and size.

The Day Of the Kids Fishing Party

The Poggies take time to repair the hundreds of poles used for the Kids Fishing Party.


Poggies - Art, Bill, Glen, Louie, Oscar, Pete, Ray & Ron

The Poggie Club's trailer and tents are set up for the public. The Poggie volunteers display local road signs for the event, control parking, and explain to the public how to become a Poggie volunteer. But, what is most important to the volunteers, is taking the time to help these young anglers improve their odds in catching their first fish.

-A good time is had by all-

Kids Fishing Party